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Samson and Delilah (1996 film)

Samson and Delilah
dvd cover
Directed by Nicolas Roeg
Produced by Lorenzo Minoli, Gerald Rafshoon
Written by Allan Scott
Starring Eric Thal
Dennis Hopper
Elizabeth Hurley
Diana Rigg
Michael Gambon
Narrated by Max Von Sydow
Edited by Michael Ellis
Release dates
December 8, 1996
Running time
172 minutes
Country Germany/Italy/USA
Language English

Samson and Delilah is a German/Italian/American telefilm that was first shown on TNT in the USA. It was directed by Nicolas Roeg. The lion is a puppet from Jim Henson's Creature Shop. This biblical movie was shot in Morocco.

The Italian actor Giorgio Francesco Palombi was one of the film's stunt performers. He later appeared in TNT's Biblical television movie, David, as Goliath of Gath.


Samson is chosen by God to destroy the Philistines, who have occupied the land of Canaan. He is given the greatest strength ever known to man as long as he remains true to his vow and its conditions, yet he still is not convinced of his purpose, preferring instead to spend his time with Philistine company. He eventually falls in love with a Philistine girl, decides to marry her, but is betrayed by her on his wedding day. He soon learns she was blackmailed by the Philistine lords who are plotting his demise, and goes to reclaim her, but she has been murdered along with her entire family.

Meanwhile, a treacherous courtesan of the king, Delilah, is convinced of her ability to bring even the mighty Samson to his knees. She appeals to Samson as a beautiful woman, and Samson is immediately taken with her. They begin the relationship of two passionate lovers, and Delilah convinces Samson of her love, ultimately seducing him into telling her the secret of his strength. Samson is thus at last captured by the Philistines, who blind him and make him into a slave, forcing him to grind grain at a millstone. At the celebration of his and his kingdom's defeat, he is brought in chains to be both an example and entertainment to his captors. Unbeknownst to them, his strength has returned, and as he stands between the two pillars that support the building, he asks God for forgiveness. He then pushes against the pillars, collapsing the building and killing those inside, including himself. Delilah, who was present in the temple, also dies as well.


Character Actor/Actress
Samson Eric Thal
Delilah Elizabeth Hurley
General Tariq Dennis Hopper
Mara Diana Rigg
King Hanun Michael Gambon
Ira Daniel Massey
Manoah Paul Freeman
Prince Sidqa Ben Becker
Naomi Jale Arıkan
Harach Pinkas Braun
Amrok Alessandro Gassman
Rani Debora Caprioglio
Yoram Sebastian Knapp
Jehiel Karl Tessler
Amram Luke Mullaney
Habor Tim Gallagher
Adult Yoram Matt Green
Mahal Mark McGann
Young Samson Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Young Jehiel Leo Gregory
Young Amram Tobias Saunders
Philistine Soldier Luke de Lacey
Philistine Doctor John Forbes-Robertson
Delilah's Servant Mary Hanefey
Storyteller (voice) Max von Sydow

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