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... Clockwise from top: Quattro Canti in Maqueda Street, San Domenico Church, Pretoria Square and Santa Caterina Church, and view of... ... Middle Ages San Giovanni degli Eremiti, a church showing elements of Byzantine, Arabic ... ...s ruled from Palermo as its capital, with the king's court held at Palazzo dei Normanni. Much construction was undertaken during this period, such as ... ...48, with a popular insurrection, the first one in Europe that year, led by Giuseppe La Masa. A parliament and constitution were proclaimed. The first ... ...alermo (May 1849), which remained under their rule until the appearance of Giuseppe Garibaldi. This famous general entered Palermo with his troops (th... ... unification and today Giuseppe Garibaldi entering Palermo on May 27, 1860 ... ... as capital of a Special Status Region (1947) whose seat is in the Palazzo dei Normanni. Palermo's future seemed to look bright again. Many opportunit... ... Cruillas, S. Giovanni Apostolo, Resuttana & San Lorenzo VII ... ..., the last, was in the 18th century. San Giovanni dei Lebbrosi San Giovanni degli Eremiti (St. John ...

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