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Kung Fu Magoo

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Title: Kung Fu Magoo  
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Subject: Mr. Magoo, AAA – Sin Límite en el Tiempo, Imaginum, Magos y Gigantes, El Agente 00-P2
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Kung Fu Magoo

Kung Fu Magoo
U.S. DVD cover
Directed by Andrés Couturier
Produced by Kevin Gamble
Jose C. Garcia de Letona
John Baker
Screenplay by Emmy Laybourne
Sam Laybourne
Story by Emmy Laybourne
Sam Laybourne
Rob Sosin
Bob Mittenthal
Based on Mr. Magoo 
by Millard Kaufman & John Hubley
Starring Dylan Sprouse
Jim Conroy
Alyson Stoner
Lloyd Floyd
Chris Parnell
Maile Flanagan
Rodger Bumpass
Jim Ward
Kenny Mayne
Tom Kenny
Music by Daniel Ingram
Steffan Andrews
Edited by Antonio Gallardo
David Váquez
Classic Media
Ánima Estudios
Santo Domingo Films
Motion Toons
Distributed by Vivendi Entertainment
DreamWorks Classics
Release dates
  • May 11, 2010 (2010-05-11)
Running time 80 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $2.6 million

Kung Fu Magoo is a Mexican-American animated action-comedy film, based on the Mr. Magoo character, created by Millard Kaufman and John Hubley.[2] This film was produced by Classic Media, Ánima Estudios, and Santo Domingo Films.[3] This film was also produced by Motion Toons, a new animation studio created in conjunction of Ánima Estudios, and Santo Domingo Films.[3] English voice-cast stars Chris Parnell, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Alyson Stoner and voice actors Tom Kenny, Rodger Bumpass, Jim Conroy, and Maile Flanagan.

It was the first animated feature, featuring Mr. Magoo in more than three decades,[4] and the first U.S.-Mexico co-production for Ánima Estudios.[5] This film was written by Emmy Laybourne, Sam Laybourne, Rob Sosin, and Bob Mittenthal and directed by Andrés Couturier.[6]

The film was released direct-to-DVD in the United States on May 11, 2010.[7] It later had its television premiere on Disney XD on February 7, 2011.[4] It was rated TV-G.[8]


The world's most notorious bad guys are invited to the island fortress of super-villain Tan-Gu (Lloyd Floyd) to compete in an Olympic-style tournament of evil, called the Evilympics. Mr. Magoo (Jim Conroy) and his 12-year-old nephew Justin (Dylan Sprouse) fight giant robot spiders, ninjas on jet skis, and Tan-Gu's mutant "Beasteens", as representatives of the anti-evil task force.

Voice cast

Additional characters were provided by Robert Tinkler, Wally Wingert, Bob Joles, Fred Travalena, Michael Stanton, Susan Boyajian, and Hope Levy.



The film's animation was done and produced by Ánima Estudios in Mexico,[9] while the additional animation was provided by Studio B Productions (now DHX Media/Vancouver) in Canada,[5][10] and Boulder Media Limited in Ireland.[11]


The project had an early screening at MIPCOM at Cannes, France in 2008.[12] On May 11, 2010, the English-language version of the film was released on DVD in the United States, distributed by Vivendi Entertainment.[7] The film was also originally set for a theatrical release in Mexico in 2009, distributed by Videocine,[2][1][13] but there was no further information regarding this, to date. It instead had its Mexican premiere on Cartoon Network in 2011.[14] The film was dedicated to Alfredo Harp Calderoni, the film's executive producer and son of Mexican businessman, Alfredo Harp Helú, who died after production in 2009.[15][16]

U.S. broadcasting

On 12 October 2010, the film was acquired by Disney XD for channel transmission and premiered in the United States on 7 February 2011.[4] Produced in Mexico, this marked the first time Disney XD acquired a Latin American animated production for channel transmission.[17]


This film has received mixed reviews from critics.[18][19] S. Jhoanna Robledo of Common Sense Media gave this film 2 out of 5 stars, saying that "the plot, as it were, is nearly nonsensical, but that has always been Mr. Magoo’s charm. Though he wreaks havoc with his obliviousness -- he often walks into a dangerous situation simply because he literally walks into one -- he successfully extricates himself and saves the world in the process. On the face of it, it’s a nostalgic trip to cartoon history -- Magoo first debuted in the late '40s, and the special effects are certainly pre-CGI -- and it's a welcome relief from the relentlessness and inanity of current fare. But if one must be a stickler, it's also kind of mean, what with all the jokes at an elderly person's expense."[19]


When it aired on Disney XD on 2 April 2011, it was viewed by 1.6 million viewers among Kids 6-11 (0.5 million/2 rating).[20] In a recent airing, the film was viewed by 254,000 viewers among ages 2 and over, with a 0.2 household rating.[21]

Broadcast History

As of 2014, Kung Fu Magoo has been broadcast on the following networks:
Region Network(s)
Argentina Cartoon Network[22]
Brazil Cartoon Network
Canada Teletoon[23]
Teletoon Retro[24]
Chile Cartoon Network[25]
Colombia Cartoon Network[26]
Germany Disney XD / Disney Cinemagic
Italy Disney XD
Malaysia Cartoon Network[27]
Mexico Canal 5[28] / Cartoon Network[14][29]
USA Disney XD
Venezuela Cartoon Network[30]


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