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Guldbagge Award for Best Director

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Title: Guldbagge Award for Best Director  
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Subject: Kjell Grede, Ingmar Bergman, Johan Bergenstråhle (director), Lars Lennart Forsberg, Daniel Alfredson
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Guldbagge Award for Best Director

Guldbagge Award for Best Director
Country Sweden
Presented by Swedish Film Institute
First awarded 1964 (for direction in films released during the 1963/1964 film season)
Currently held by Ruben Östlund,
Force Majeure (2014)
Official website

The Guldbagge for Best Director is a Swedish film award presented annually by the Swedish Film Institute (SFI) as part of the Guldbagge Awards (Swedish: "Guldbaggen") to directors working in the Swedish motion picture industry.


Ingmar Bergman was the first director who was awarded the prize for best director.

Throughout the past 50 years, SFI has presented a total of 50 Best Director awards to 40 different directors. Along with the categories Best Film, Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Actress in a Leading Role, the award for Best director were one of the four original price categories which was presented at the first award ceremony in 1964.[1] At the 1st Guldbagge Awards (1963/1964), Ingmar Bergman was awarded the first Guldbagge for his film The Silence.[2] Since then, the prize has been awarded every year, except in 1971 where the only prize for best film was awarded, and in 1980 where only the categories Best Film, Best Actor along with the Ingmar Bergman Award.[2] At both the 30th Guldbagge Awards (1994) and the 42nd Guldbagge Awards (2006), Best Director was presented to a co-directing team, rather than to an individual director.

The Guldbagge Awards for Best Director and Best Film have been very closely linked throughout their history. Of the 50 films that have been awarded Best Film, 22 have also been awarded Best Director. The first one to achieve this was Ingmar Bergman, whose film The Silence won the Best Film award at the first 1st Guldbagge Awards.[2] The last one who achieved this was Gabriela Pichler through her film, Eat Sleep Die at the 48th Guldbagge Awards (2012).[3]

The first woman who won the award for Best Director was Marianne Ahrne, for the film Near and Far Away (1976). Besides her, only nine women have ever been awarded for Best Director: Suzanne Osten for The Mozart Brothers (1986), Åsa Faringer for The Daughter of the Puma (1994), Ella Lemhagen for Tsatsiki, morsan och polisen (1999), Catti Edfeldt and Ylva Gustavsson for Kidz in da Hood (2006), Lisa Siwe for Glowing Stars (2009), Pernilla August for Beyond (2010), and Gabriela Pichler for Eat Sleep Die (2012). Since 1991, when the nomination system was introduced with three nominees, the number of female directors has increased significantly, with a total of 17 women. The first woman that got nominated was Susanne Bier for the film Freud's Leaving Home (1991).[2]

Winners and nominees

Each Guldbagge Awards ceremony is listed chronologically below along with the winner of the Guldbagge Award for Directing and the film associated with the award. Before 1991 the awards did not announce nominees, only winners. In the columns under the winner of each award are the other nominees for best director, which are listed from 1991 and forward.

For the first nineteen ceremonies, the eligibility period spanned two calendar years. For example, the 2nd Guldbagge Awards presented on October 15, 1965, recognized films that were released between July, 1964 and June, 1965.[1][4] Starting with the 20th Guldbagge Awards, held in 1985, the period of eligibility became the full previous calendar year from January 1 to December 31. The Awards presented at that ceremony were in respect of 18 months of film production owing to the changeover from the broken calendar year to the standard calendar year during 1984.[1] Due to a mediocre film year, no awards ceremony was held in 1971.[5]


Year Director Film
Bergman, IngmarIngmar Bergman The Silence
Sucksdorff, ArneArne Sucksdorff My Home Is Copacabana
Sjöberg, AlfAlf Sjöberg Ön
Troell, JanJan Troell Here's Your Life
Grede, KjellKjell Grede Hugo and Josephine
Widerberg, BoBo Widerberg Ådalen 31
Forsberg, Lars LennartLars Lennart Forsberg Mistreatment


Year Director Film
1970/71 N/A N/A
Danielsson, TageTage Danielsson The Apple War
Johan Bergenstråhle Foreigners
Sjöman, VilgotVilgot Sjöman A Handful of Love
Alfredson, HansHans Alfredson Egg! Egg! A Hardboiled Story
Halldoff, JanJan Halldoff Buddies
Ahrne, MarianneMarianne Ahrne Near and Far Away
Hellbom, OlleOlle Hellbom The Brothers Lionheart
Jarl, StefanStefan Jarl A Respectable Life


Year Director Film
Pollak, KayKay Pollak Children's Island
Alfredson, HansHans Alfredson The Simple-Minded Murderer
Bergman, IngmarIngmar Bergman Fanny and Alexander
Gunnlaugsson, HrafnHrafn Gunnlaugsson When the Raven Flies
Alfredson, HansHans Alfredson False as Water
Osten, SuzanneSuzanne Osten The Mozart Brothers
Grede, KjellKjell Grede Hip hip hurra!
Sydow, Max vonMax von Sydow Katinka
Sandgren, ÅkeÅke Sandgren The Miracle in Valby


Year Director Film
Grede, KjellKjell Grede Good Evening, Mr. Wallenberg
Grönros, AndersAnders Grönros Agnes Cecilia – en sällsam historia
Bier, SusanneSusanne Bier Freud's Leaving Home
Lindberg, ClasClas Lindberg Underground Secrets
Nutley, ColinColin Nutley House of Angels
Andersson, Kjell-ÅkeKjell-Åke Andersson Night of the Orangutan
August, BilleBille August The Best Intentions
Lindberg, ClasClas Lindberg The Ferris Wheel
Alfredson, DanielDaniel Alfredson The Man on the Balcony
Sandgren, ÅkeÅke Sandgren The Slingshot
Hultberg, UlfUlf Hultberg and Faringer, ÅsaÅsa Faringer The Daughter of the Puma
Edfeldt, CattiCatti Edfeldt Sixten
Hartleb, RainerRainer Hartleb A Pizza in Jordbro
Widerberg, BoBo Widerberg All Things Fair
Petri, KristianKristian Petri Between Summers
Alfredson, TomasTomas Alfredson Bert: The Last Virgin
Sundvall, KjellKjell Sundvall The Hunters
Andersson, Kjell-ÅkeKjell-Åke Andersson Christmas Oratorio
Lemhagen, EllaElla Lemhagen The Dream Prince
Alfredson, DanielDaniel Alfredson Tic Tac
Herngren, MånsMåns Herngren and Holm, HannesHannes Holm Adam & Eva
Olofson, ChristinaChristina Olofson Sanning eller konsekvens
Moodysson, LukasLukas Moodysson Show Me Love
Nordlund, SolveigSolveig Nordlund Nelio's Story
Ohlin, LisaLisa Ohlin Waiting for the Tenor
Lemhagen, EllaElla Lemhagen Tsatsiki, morsan och polisen
Nilsson, AndersAnders Nilsson Zero Tolerance
Sundvall, KjellKjell Sundvall In Bed with Santa


Year Director Film
Andersson, RoyRoy Andersson Songs from the Second Floor
Jörgensen, Geir HansteenGeir Hansteen Jörgensen The New Country
Moodysson, LukasLukas Moodysson Together
Troell, JanJan Troell As White as in Snow
Håfström, MikaelMikael Håfström Days Like This
August, BilleBille August A Song for Martin
Moodysson, LukasLukas Moodysson Lilya 4-ever
Malmros, UlfUlf Malmros We Can Be Heroes!
Sundvall, KjellKjell Sundvall Grabben i graven bredvid
Runge, BjörnBjörn Runge Daybreak
Håfström, MikaelMikael Håfström Evil
Petri, KristianKristian Petri Details
Alfredson, TomasTomas Alfredson Four Shades of Brown
Blom, MariaMaria Blom Dalecarlians
Pollak, KayKay Pollak As It Is in Heaven
Malmros, UlfUlf Malmros Tjenare kungen
Fares, JosefJosef Fares Zozo
Runge, BjörnBjörn Runge Mouth to Mouth
Edfeldt, CattiCatti Edfeldt and Gustavsson, YlvaYlva Gustavsson Kidz in da Hood
Ganslandt, JesperJesper Ganslandt Falkenberg Farewell
Nilsson, AndersAnders Nilsson When Darkness Falls
Andersson, RoyRoy Andersson You, the Living
Fares, JosefJosef Fares Leo
Kling, JohanJohan Kling Darling
Alfredson, TomasTomas Alfredson Let the Right One In
Troell, JanJan Troell Everlasting Moments
Östlund, RubenRuben Östlund Involuntary
Siwe, LisaLisa Siwe Glowing Stars
Fabik, TeresaTeresa Fabik Starring Maja
Edfeldt, FredrikFredrik Edfeldt The Girl


Year Director Film
August, PernillaPernilla August Beyond
Langseth, LisaLisa Langseth Pure
Najafi, BabakBabak Najafi Sebbe
Östlund, RubenRuben Östlund Play
Aschan, LisaLisa Aschan She Monkeys
Ohlin, LisaLisa Ohlin Simon and the Oaks
Pichler, GabrielaGabriela Pichler Eat Sleep Die
Marcimain, MikaelMikael Marcimain Call Girl
Troell, JanJan Troell The Last Sentence
Fly, PerPer Fly Waltz for Monica
Odell, AnnaAnna Odell The Reunion
Mårlind, MånsMåns Mårlind and Stein, BjörnBjörn Stein Shed No Tears
Ruben Östlund Force Majeure
Mikael Marcimain Gentlemen
Roy Andersson A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence

International presence

As the Guldbagge Awards are based in Sweden and are centered on the Swedish film industry, the majority of Guldbagge Award winners have been Swedish. Nonetheless, there is significant international presence at the awards, as evidenced by the following list of winners of the Guldbagge Award for Best Director.

However, no director has won for a film that is entirely in a foreign language.

Several international nominees include:

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