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ADG Excellence in Production Design Awards


ADG Excellence in Production Design Awards

ADG Excellence in Production Design Awards
Awarded for Excellence in production design and art direction by members of the Art Directors Guild
Country  United States
Presented by Art Directors Guild
First awarded 1996
Official website

The ADG Excellence in Production Design Awards are an award presented annually by the Art Directors Guild (ADG) to recognize excellence in production design and art direction in the film and television industries.


Feature Film (1996-1999)

Period or Fantasy Film (2000-2005)

Period Film (2006-present)

Fantasy Film (2006-present)

Contemporary Film (2000-present)


Single Camera Series (2000-present)

  • 2000: The X-Files by production designer Corey Kaplan
  • 2001: Six Feet Under (for pilot episode) by production designer Marcia Hinds
  • 2002: Alias (for episode - "Cipher") by production designer Scott Chambliss
  • 2003: Carnivàle (for pilot episode) by production designer Bernt Capra
  • 2004: Desperate Housewives by production designer Thomas Walsh
  • 2005: Rome (for episode #1) by art directors Dominic Hyman, Carlo Serafin and Domenico Sica and production designer Joseph Bennett
  • 2006: Ugly Betty (for episode "The Box and the Bunny") by art directors Charles E. McCarry, Jim Wallis and Kathleen Widomski and production designer Mark Worthington
  • 2007: Mad Men (for episode 9 - "Shoot") by production designer Dan Bishop
  • 2008: Mad Men (for episode 211 - "The Jet Set") by production designer Dan Bishop
  • 2009: Mad Men (for episode "Souvenir") by production designer Dan Bishop
  • 2010: Mad Men (for episode "Public Relations") by production designer Dan Bishop
  • 2011: Boardwalk Empire (for episode 21) by production designer Bill Groom

Episode of a Multi-Camera, Variety, or Unscripted Series (2000-present)

TV Series (1996-1999)

Television Movie or Mini-Series (1997-present)

Episode of a Half Hour Single-Camera Television Series (2008 to present)

Awards Show, Variety, Music, or Non-Fiction Program (1997-present)

Commercials, PSA, Promo, Music Videos (2004-present)

  • 2007: Budweiser Commercial: Space Station. Production Designer: Jeremy Reed
  • 2008: Farmers Insurance Commercial: Drowned Circus. Production Designer: Chris Gorak and Victoria's Secret Commercial: Holiday. Production Designer: Jeffrey Beecroft
  • 2009: Absolut Anthem Commercial: In An Absolut World. Production Designer: James Chinlund
  • 2010: Dos Equis Commercial: Ice Fishing. Production Designer: Jesse B. Benson
  • 2011: Activision: Call of Duty Commercial: Modern Warfare 3. Production Designer: Neil Spisak


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