Hotel de paree

Hotel de Paree
Format Western
Starring Earl Holliman
Jeanette Nolan
Judi Meredith
Strother Martin
Theme music composer Dimitri Tiomkin
Paul Francis Webster
Composer(s) Dimitri Tiomkin (1.1)
Rene Garriguenc (1.1, 1.15, 1.22)
Leith Stevens (1.4)
Lucien Moraweck (1.1, 1.7, 1.13)
Alexander Courage (1.7)
Wilbur Hatch (1.17)
Fred Steiner (1.24)
William Lava (one episode)
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 33
Producer(s) Stanley Rubin
Sam Rolfe
Running time 30 minutes
Production companies CBS Television
Original channel CBS
Picture format Black and white (1959-1960)
Original run October 2, 1959 – June 3, 1960

Hotel de Paree is a Western television series that aired on the CBS Friday schedule from October 2, 1959, until June 3, 1960, under the alternate sponsorship of Liggett & Myers (L&M cigarettes) and Kellogg's.

The show starred Earl Holliman as Sundance, a gunfighter just released after seventeen years in prison. In the first episode, he is in Georgetown, Colorado, where he kills the town villain and is then urged by the citizens to become the marshal. He accepts the job and also becomes a part owner of the Hotel de Paree, owned by two French women, Annette Deveraux, played by Jeanette Nolan, and her niece, Monique, portrayed by Judi Meredith, relatives of the man whom he had earlier killed. Sundance wore a string of polished silver discs in the band of his black Stetson, which often blinded his adversaries.[1]

During the brief run of the series, Sundance dealt with assorted antagonists and maintained flirtations with both of the Deveraux women. Sundance also befriended a local shopkeeper, Aaron Donoger, played by veteran Western performer Strother Martin. The program was filmed at CBS Studio Center.

Guest stars included Philip Abbott, Theodore Bikel, Sebastian Cabot, Russ Conway, Dennis Cross, Walter Coy, Royal Dano, King Donovan, Brian Donlevy, Jack Elam, Leif Erickson, Ron Hayes, Allyn Joslyn, Don Keefer, Nora Marlowe, Martin Milner, Read Morgan, Gregg Palmer, John M. Pickard, Judson Pratt, Darryl Richard, Peter Mark Richman, Vic Tayback, and Peter Whitney.

A comic-book adaptation appeared in Dell's Four Color #1126. It was written by Gaylord Du Bois.

Episode list

Episode # Episode title Original airdate
1-1 "Sundance Returns" [aka "Sundance Comes Home"] (pilot) October 2, 1959
1-2 "Juggernaut" October 9, 1959
1-3 "Vein of Ore" October 16, 1959
1-4 "The High Cost of Justice" October 23, 1959
1-5 "The Return of Monique" October 30, 1959
1-6 "A Rope Is For Hanging" November 6, 1959
1-7 "A Fool and His Gold" November 13, 1959
1-8 "The Only Wheel In Town" November 20, 1959
1-9 "The Man Who Believed In Law" November 27, 1959
1-10 "Sundance and the Hostiles" December 11, 1959
1-11 "Sundance and the Violent Siege" December 18, 1959
1-12 "The Louis XIV Table" December 25, 1959
1-13 "Sundance and the Blood Money" January 1, 1960
1-14 "Sundance and the Bare-Knuckled Fighters" January 8, 1960
1-15 "Sundance and the Kid From Nowhere" January 15, 1960
1-16 "Sundance Goes To Kill" January 22, 1960
1-17 "Sundance and the Boat Soldier" February 5, 1960
1-18 "Sundance and the Man In Room Seven" February 12, 1960
1-19 "Hard Luck For Sundance" February 19, 1960
1-20 "Sundance and the Greenhorn Trader" February 26, 1960
1-21 "Sundance and Useless" March 4, 1960
1-22 "Sundance and the Hero of Bloody Blue Creek" March 11, 1960
1-23 "Sundance and the Marshal of Water's End" March 18, 1960
1-24 "Sundance and the Black Widow" April 1, 1960
1-25 "Vengeance For Sundance" April 8, 1960
1-26 "Sundance and the Man in the Shadows" April 15, 1960
1-27 "Sundance and the Long Trek" April 22, 1960
1-28 "Bounty For Sundance" April 29, 1960
1-29 "Sundance and the Good-Luck Coat" May 6, 1960
1-30 "Sundance and the Cattlemen" (aka "Sundance and the Outlaw Holiday") May 13, 1960
1-31 "Sundance and the Barren Soil" May 20, 1960
1-32 "Sundance and the Fallen Sparrow" May 27, 1960
1-33 "Sundance and the Delayed Gun" June 3, 1960

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