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1897 In Film

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Title: 1897 In Film  
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Subject: List of short live-action films, 1891 in film, 1890s in film, 1907 in film, 1906 in film
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1897 In Film

The following is an overview of the events of 1897 in film, including a list of films released and notable births.

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  • May 4th: During a film screening at the Charity Bazaar in Paris, a curtain catches on fire from the ether used to fuel the projector lamp. The fire spreads and becomes catastrophic, ultimately resulting in 126 deaths.[1]
  • June 20th: Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee procession filmed.[2]
  • Mitchell and Kenyon go into a film-making partnership.[3]
  • Enoch Rector develops a 63 mm film format called Veriscope, which films the Corbett-Fitzsimmons championship match.
  • Thomas Henry Blair develops a 48 mm film format called Viventoscope.

Films released in 1897

  • Georges Méliès. First film to create the illusion of female nudity through a skin looking designed costume.
  • L'auberge ensorcelée, directed by Georges Méliès.
  • Baignade dans le torrent, directed by Alice Guy-Blaché.
  • La Bandera Argentina, believed for a long time to have been the first Argentine film. Now considered lost.
  • Buffalo Police on Parade, produced by Edison Studios.
  • Chicago Police Parade, directed by Louis Lumière.
  • The Corbett-Fitzsimmons Fight, a documentary directed by Enoch J. Rector. The first film shot in widescreen. At an hour and 40 minutes, it is the first known feature film ever made.
  • Cupid and Psyche, produced by Edison Studios.
  • Georges Méliès. May be the first film to feature stop motion animation in cinema.
  • The Haverstraw Tunnel
  • Horses Loading for Klondike, directed by James H. White.
  • Kørsel med Grønlandske Hunde, directed by Peter Elfelt; the first Danish movie sequence ever filmed.
  • Leander Sisters, produced by Edison Studios.
  • Leaving Jerusalem by Railway, directed by Alexandre Promio and released by the Lumière brothers. May include the first moving camera shot in cinema.
  • Lurline Baths, produced by Edison Studios.
  • Making Sausages, directed by George Albert Smith.
  • The Milker's Mishap, directed by James H. White; it is unknown whether or not this film has survived.
  • New Pillow Fight, produced by Siegmund Lubin.
  • Niagara Falls, directed by Louis Lumière.
  • George Albert Smith.
  • On the Roofs, directed by Georges Méliès.
  • Seminary Girls, directed by James H. White.
  • Spanish Bullfight, directed by Louis Lumière
  • Sutro Baths, No. 1, produced by Edison Studios.
  • jump cut.



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