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Junior Miss (film)

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Title: Junior Miss (film)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Academy Juvenile Award, Scotty Beckett, Allyn Joslyn, Sally Benson, Mona Freeman, Buddy Feyne, List of 20th Century Fox films, Junior Miss (disambiguation)
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Junior Miss (film)

Junior Miss
Directed by George Seaton
Produced by William Perlberg
Written by Sally Benson (novel)
Joseph Fields (play)
Jerome Chodorov (play)
George Seaton
Starring Peggy Ann Garner
Allyn Joslyn
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date(s) June 16, 1945
Running time 94 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Junior Miss is a 1945 American comedy film starring Peggy Ann Garner as a teenager who meddles in people's love lives.

A collection of Sally Benson's stories from The New Yorker was published by Doubleday as Junior Miss in 1941. This was adapted by Jerome Chodorov and Joseph Fields into a successful play that same year.[1] Directed by Moss Hart, Junior Miss ran on Broadway from 1941 to 1943. In 1945, the play was adapted to the film Junior Miss with George Seaton directing Peggy Ann Garner in the lead role of Judy Graves. The Junior Miss radio series, starring Barbara Whiting, was broadcast weekly on CBS in 1949.

Plot Summary

Lively and imaginative sisters Judy and Lois Graves, thirteen and sixteen years old, live in a small apartment in New York City with their forgivibg and patient mother and father, Harry, a lawyer, and Grace, a housewife. Judy's equally energetic friend Fuffy Adams frequently visits, and the two girls have their own ideas about the relations of the grown-ups surrounding them. They often use movie plots to interpret the reality around them. One night right before Christmas, Judy learns that her mother has a brother, uncle Willis, who has been absent for years. She is very intrigued by the news and quickly fantasizes a story around the handsome man, that involves jail time as a reason for the absence. In reality uncle Willis is a recovering alcoholic, who has spent the last four years struggling in rehab. Later that night Judy meets Fuffy, who brings a pretty boy named Haskell Cummings. The young boy's appearnace distracts her from her fantasies about the uncle. Haskell is supposed to be Judy's escort to the school dance ahead. Back in the apartment, Harry's boss J.b. Curtis is visiting, bringing his pretty daughter, who is also his secretary, Ellen. Letting her imagination run wild, Judy believes Curtis is infatuated by his secretary, and tells her friend Fuffy that they are romantically involved. But the next day uncle Willis, handsome and rugged, makes a surprise visit, and Judy gets the idea that he would be the perfect match for Ellen. Right after Christmas Day, Judy secretly arranges for them to meet "by accident" at the Rockefeller Center ice-skating rink, and Willis and Ellen actually hit it off and become a couple. Harry's boss is troubled though, as Ellen is constantly absent from the office, sneaking off to meet Willis. Ellen doesn't tell her father about Willis, but one day Judy can't keep the secret any longer, and on New Year's Day slips to Curtis that Ellen is seeing Willis, her ex-convict uncle. Curtis is worried and furious. He scolds Harry and Grace for letting the relation form and go on, and they in turn confront Judy with the information. Willis and Ellen arrive in the middle of the argument, announcing that they have married. Curtis fires Harry when he defends Willis and his family. The family decides that Grace and the children should live with her mother until Harry gets another job. They also offer the newly-weds to come live with them until they can sand on their own. Curtis makes an unannounced visit in search of his daughter, and Elken and Willis are hidden away for the moment. Since it is the night of Judy's school dance, Haskell arrives to pick up Judy. He is announced and when Curtis hears the name, he believes it is Haskell Cummings Sr, the businessman, who has arrived to discuss with Harry. Believing that Harry is starting his own firm and has landed the influential Cummings as hs client, he quickly offers to hire Harry back to the lawfirm, as partner no less. And he will hire Willis too. Realizing Curtis is mistaken, Harry quickly accepts the offer. Ellen reconciles with her father and Curtis in turn surprised to see the young Haskell enter the apartment. Then Judy appears, beautiful and lady-like, dressed in her ball dress, and she and Haskell leave the proud adults for the dance.[2]



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