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List of directors with two or more Academy Awards for Best Directing

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Title: List of directors with two or more Academy Awards for Best Directing  
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List of directors with two or more Academy Awards for Best Directing

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has given the Academy Award for Best Director to directors for their work in films since the conception of the Academy Awards. The 1st Academy Awards originally featured two directing awards: one for Dramatic Direction (won by Frank Borzage for 7th Heaven) and one for Comedy Direction (won by Lewis Milestone for Two Arabian Knights).[1][2] The Comedy Direction award was not used in all subsequent ceremonies.[3]

Throughout the history of the Academy Awards, there have been directors that have received multiple Academy Awards for Best Director. As of 2013 (85th Academy Awards), 19 directors have received two or more Academy Awards for Best Director. Three of these directors have received more than two Academy Awards for Best Director: John Ford (four Best Director awards),[4] Frank Capra (three Best Director awards),[5] and William Wyler (three Best Director awards).[6]


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Director Winning films (Year / Ceremony) Number of awards Number of nominations
Borzage, FrankFrank Borzage 7th Heaven (1927/28 / 1st Academy Awards)[A]
Bad Girl (1931/32 / 5th Academy Awards)
2 3
Capra, FrankFrank Capra It Happened One Night (1934 / 7th Academy Awards)
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936 / 9th Academy Awards)
You Can't Take It with You (1938 / 11th Academy Awards)
3 6
Eastwood, ClintClint Eastwood 1992 / 65th Academy Awards)
Million Dollar Baby (2004 / 77th Academy Awards)
2 4
Ford, JohnJohn Ford The Informer (1935 / 8th Academy Awards)
The Grapes of Wrath (1940 / 13th Academy Awards)
How Green Was My Valley (1941 / 14th Academy Awards)
The Quiet Man (1952 / 25th Academy Awards)
4 5
Forman, MilosMilos Forman One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975 / 48th Academy Awards)
Amadeus (1984 / 57th Academy Awards)
2 3
Kazan, EliaElia Kazan Gentleman's Agreement (1947 / 20th Academy Awards)
On the Waterfront (1954 / 27th Academy Awards)
2 5
Lean, DavidDavid Lean The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957 / 30th Academy Awards)
Lawrence of Arabia (1962 / 35th Academy Awards)
2 7
Lee, AngAng Lee Brokeback Mountain (2005 / 78th Academy Awards)
Life of Pi (2012 / 85th Academy Awards)
2 3
Lloyd, FrankFrank Lloyd The Divine Lady (1929/30 / 2nd Academy Awards)
Cavalcade (1932/33 / 6th Academy Awards)
2 3
Mankiewicz, Joseph L.Joseph L. Mankiewicz A Letter to Three Wives (1949 / 22nd Academy Awards)
All About Eve (1950 / 23rd Academy Awards)
2 4
McCarey, LeoLeo McCarey The Awful Truth (1937 / 10th Academy Awards)
Going My Way (1944 / 17th Academy Awards)
2 3
Milestone, LewisLewis Milestone Two Arabian Knights (1927/28 / 1st Academy Awards)[A]
All Quiet on the Western Front (1929/30 / 3rd Academy Awards)
2 3
Spielberg, StevenSteven Spielberg Schindler's List (1993 / 66th Academy Awards)
Saving Private Ryan (1998 / 71st Academy Awards)
2 7
Stevens, GeorgeGeorge Stevens A Place in the Sun (1951 / 24th Academy Awards)
Giant (1956 / 29th Academy Awards)
2 5
Stone, OliverOliver Stone Platoon (1986 / 59th Academy Awards)
Born on the Fourth of July (1989 / 62nd Academy Awards)
2 3
Wilder, BillyBilly Wilder The Lost Weekend (1945 / 18th Academy Awards)
The Apartment (1960 / 33rd Academy Awards)
2 8
Wise, RobertRobert Wise West Side Story (1961 / 34th Academy Awards)
The Sound of Music (1965 / 38th Academy Awards)
2 3
Wyler, WilliamWilliam Wyler Mrs. Miniver (1942 / 15th Academy Awards)
The Best Years of Our Lives (1946 / 19th Academy Awards)
Ben-Hur (1959 / 32nd Academy Awards)
3 12
Zinnemann, FredFred Zinnemann From Here to Eternity (1953 / 26th Academy Awards)
A Man for All Seasons (1966 / 39th Academy Awards)
2 7

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