OutRun 2006

OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast
PlayStation 2 game cover
Developer(s) Sumo Digital
Publisher(s) Sega
Valve Corporation (Steam)
Distributor(s) Sega (Worldwide)
Tec Toy (Brazil)
Vivendi Universal Games (Steam)
Platform(s) Xbox, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Windows
Release date(s) Xbox
  • NA March 17, 2006
  • EU March 31, 2006
PlayStation 2
  • NA March 20, 2006
  • EU March 31, 2006
PlayStation Portable
  • NA March 20, 2006
  • EU March 31, 2006
  • EU June 23, 2006
  • NA June 27, 2006
Genre(s) Racing game
Mode(s) Single player, online multiplayer

OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast is a racing game developed by Sumo Digital and released in 2006 on behalf of Sega AM2. It is the eighth title in the series. Despite its name, is not a direct continuation of the original game. Outrun 2006 is a re-imagining of the first game in the series, and has a completely new game engine and modern graphics. The game is split into two parts: A faithful conversion of OutRun 2 SP (which itself includes the OutRun 2 levels), and "Coast 2 Coast", which includes single player races and challenges, and local network and Internet multiplayer.

OutRun 2006 was released in Europe and North America on the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable in March 2006, but was delayed until June for PC. In Japan, OutRun 2006 has only seen a PlayStation 2 release, albeit retitled as OutRun 2 SP. Each version is subtlety different to play to the strengths of its home system, which includes a link-up feature between the PS2 and PSP versions, a different mission set for the PSP and Xbox Live support on the Xbox.

As of June 12, 2007, this game was added to the Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility List. The game featured an online mode for up to six players. As of May 13, 2009, the servers are offline for the PC, PS2 and PSP versions of the game, the Xbox Live servers went offline on April 15, 2010 due to the discontinuation of the Xbox Live for the Xbox.


Cars have varying classes ranging from Novice to Professional, with increased top speeds and diminished handling as the difficulty rises. New to the OutRun series is the addition of a separate "OutRun" class, which applies to every car and allows each car to have increased performance in all aspects; cosmetic changes including racing stripes and decals as well as completely renovated bodywork are also evident.

OR2006 C2C features 15 unique cars, the most ever seen in any OutRun game. In addition to the ten vehicles from OutRun 2 SP, new models include the 550 Barchetta, F355 Spider, Superamerica, 328 GTS, and the Ferrari F430. Some models cannot be unlocked on the PlayStation Portable or PlayStation 2 without the use of the cross-system connectivity feature inherent of the two systems (as a result of PSP connectivity being removed from the Japanese PS2 version, all PSP unlockables are included in the Japanese PS2 version from the start). However, there is a cheat code that unlocks everything.[1]

Coast 2 Coast mode is the game's "career" mode, in which there are many challenges (labeled as "missions") to complete, ranging from racing rivals for the top position to thrilling your passenger by completing their requests to execute certain driving maneuvers or tests of memory and logic. The racing modes from OutRun 2 SP (Outrun race, Heart attack and Time attack) are still here, while adding four extra modes exclusive to the Coast 2 Coast mode:

  • Test your Drift: A one-on-one race whlist objective is to accumulate points by drifting through bends;
  • Test your Slipstream: Drive behind traffic vehicles to rack up points and beat rivals;
  • Avoid the Knockout: Elimination race. last-placed car at the end of each stage is automatically ejected from the challenge; and
  • Do not Lose your Girlfriend: Another one-on-one duel, but here the object is to stay ahead of the rival couple until their "heart points" reach 0.

Upon starting the game, a very limited selection of cars, tracks, challenges, and background music is available. Each individual element can be unlocked through the exchange of "OutRun Miles". which are points that players score for progression through Coast 2 Coast mode or normal game, but the race does not need to be finished to earn OutRun Miles.


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