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A History of New York

By: Diedrich Knickerbocker

... A History of New York By Diedrich Kickerbocker Classic Literature Collection World Pu... ...ollection World Public Library.org Title: A History of New York Author: Diedrich Kickerbocker Language: English Subject: Fiction, Literat... ...EW YORK FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE WORLD TO THE END OF THE DUTCH DYNASTY BY DIEDRICH KNICKERBOCKER IRVING'S KNICKER... ...Y AUTHENTIC HISTORY OP THE TIMES THAT EVEB HATH BEEN OK EVER WILL BE PUBLISHED. BY DIEDRICH KNICKERBOCKER. 35e teaarlmfc t>ie in tmirfter lag, S)ie tc... ...st : SIR, You have been good enough to publish in your paper a paragraph about Mr. Diedrich Knickerbocker, who was missing so strangely some time sinc...

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